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Early History of California

Early History of
San Francisco

"Ranch and Mission Days in Alta California," by Guadalupe Vallejo

"Life in California Before the Gold Discovery,"
by John Bidwell

1846 Lithograph of
Yerba Buena

Yerba Buena Before the Gold Rush

1846 - Gen. Fremont and the Bear Flag Revolt

Capt. Montgomery Ends Indian Slavery

AN ORDINANCE WHEREAS, the local name of Yerba Buena, as applied to the settlement or town of San Francisco, is unknown beyond the district; and has been applied from the local name of the cove, on which the town is built: Therefore, to prevent confusion and mistakes in public documents, and that the town may have the advantage of the name given on the public map;

IT IS HEREBY ORDAINED, that the name of SAN FRANCISCO shall hereafter be used in all official communications and public documents, or records appertaining to the town.

Washington Bartlett, Chief magistrate
January 30, 1847