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View of San Francisco, formerly Yerba Buena, in 1847,
Before the Discovery of Gold

We, the undersigned, hereby certify that this picture is a faithful and accurate representation of San Francisco as it really appeared March 1847.

J.D. STEVENSON, Commanding 1st Regiment of New York Volunteers in the War with Mexico


GEORGE HYDE, First Alcalde District of San Francisco, 1846-47

A– U.S.S. "Portsmouth." B–U.S. Transport Ships "Leo," "Choo," Susan Drew" and "Thomas H. Perkins." They brought the 1st Regiment, New York Volunteers, Col. J.D. Stevenson, Commanding. C–Ship "Vandalia," merchantman consigned to Howard & Mellus. D--Coasting schooner. E– Launch "Luce," belonging to James Lick.
1. Custom House. 2. Calaboose. 3. School house. 4. Alcalde office. 5. City Hotel, owned by Wm. A. Leidesdorff. 6. Portsmouth Hotel. 7. Wm. H. Davis' Store. 8. Howard & Mellus Store; the old Hudson Bay Co. Building. 9. W. A. Leidesdorff warehouse. 10. Samuel Brannan's residence. 11. W.A. Leidesdorff. 12. First residence of the Russ family. 13. John Sullivan's residence. 14. Peter T. Sherlock's residence. 15. Juan C. Davis residence. 16. G. Reynold's residence. 17. A.J. Ellis Boarding House. 18. Fitch & McKurley Building. 19. Capt. Vioget's residence. 20. Jno. Fuller's residence. 21. John Noe's residence. 22. John Pidilia's residence. 23. A.A. Andrews' residence. 21. Captain Antonio Ortega's residence. 25. Francisco Cacerez's residence. 26. Capt. Hilder's residence. 27. General G. Vallejo Building. 28. C.L. Ross Building. 29. Mill. 30. Captain John Patty adobe building. 31. Dr. E.P. Jones' residence. 32. Robert Ridley's residence. 33. Los Pechos de la Choco. 34. Lone Mountain. 35. Sill's Blacksmith Shop.

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