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This is the full text of the pamphlet “Let Everyone Help to Save the Famous Hetch-Hetchy Valley and Stop the Commercial Destruction Which Threatens Our National Parks.”

John Muir (1838-1914) was the leader of the movement to save the Hetch Hetchy Valley from despoliation at the hands of the City and County of San Francisco, which wanted the valley for a municipal water supply.

This pamphlet, apparently published in late 1909, outlines the preservationist’s cause, and was distributed by Muir acting as president of the Society for the Preservation of National Parks, with offices at 302 Mills Building, San Francisco.

Page 1 is an open letter to the American people from John Muir urging action to stop Congress from ceding the Hetch Hetchy Valley to the City and County of San Francisco.

Page 2 begins an article titled “A Brief Statement of the Hetch-Hetchy Case to Date.” It is followed by a long list of organizations that support Muir’s position, including the American Civic Association, American Scenic and Historic Preservation Society, Playground Association of America, General Federation of Women’s Clubs, California and other state federations of women’s clubs, American Alpine Club, Sierra Club of California, Appalachian Mountain Club of Boston, Mazamas of Portland, Mountaineers of Seattle, Chicago Geographical Society, and the Saturday Walking Club of Chicago.

Page 6, “A Dozen Sources of Water Supply are Available for San Francisco” outlines alternative sources including most of the major rivers of Northern California.

Page 9 “San Francisco Wants Water Power at the Expense of the Nation,” suggests San Francisco wants public power from Hetch Hetchy because water rights for power generation throughout the rest of California had fallen into private ownership.

Page 11 questions the rights of the City and County of San Francisco to Hetch Hetchy under the 1890 Act which created Yosemite National Park.

Page 14 begins the text of “The Endangered Valley: The Hetch-Hetchy Valley in the Yosemite National Park,” by John Muir. There is a cautionary note at the end of this article:

Note.—The substance of the foregoing article has appeared in the Century Magazine, Sierra Club Bulletin, and the Outlook, and it was written many years before this Hetch-Hetchy question arose.]

Page 18 “What the Press Thinks,” is a roundup of editorial opinion from newspapers and magazines around the United States.

Page 20 “How to Help to Preserve the Hetch-Hetchy Valley and the Yosemite Park,” gives instructions to write to the Hon. Richard A. Ballinger, Secretary of the Interior, before December 1, 1909. It also urges readers to enlist their friends in the effort, and to write for additional copies of this pamphlet at “Society for the Preservation of National Parks, 302 Mills Building, San Francisco.” Contributions may be sent to John Muir at the same address. There is also a short bibliography of background materials.

Page 21 lists all members of the Senate and House public lands committees, and provides a sample letter that can be written to each member. The page also contains a sample resolution to be passed by clubs and organizations.

Page 23, the concluding page, contains a map of the 500 square miles, or one-half the entire park, that would be affected by San Francisco’s use as a municipal water supply.

More about the Hetch Hetchy controversy, including full text of the Raker Bill and congressional hearings can be found under “San Francisco Subjects.”

Page scans from the Library of Congress’ Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920.