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Tourist at St. Francis Crazed by Father’s Peril

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It took strong men to console John Bartholomew of England in his apartments at the Hotel St. Francis, where he sat for hours last night anxiously awaiting the news that did not come, that might tell him of the safety of his father.

John Bartholomew Sr. is the superintendent of commissary of the White Star line. He is credited with the record of the company in having made more than 400 trips across the Atlantic.

Bartholomew Sr. accompanied the Titanic on its maiden trip for the purpose of perfecting the commissary department.

“My father is one of the oldest employees of the White Star line,” said the son, “and I fear that if the reports that the majority of the Titanic’s officers and crew are lost father was among them, so he went to the bottom.”

San Francisco Examiner
April 16, 1912

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