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The Bohemian Club enjoys the credit of having originated a class of dramatic performance which has since become the rage in England. It is the selection of some of the outdoor scenes from Shakespeare's plays, and giving them in the woods. The first attempt was the forest scene from As You Like It, where the soliloquy of the melancholy "Jacques" comes in. This was so successful that at the last Midsummer Jinks, – held in the redwoods on the banks of the Russian river, the Witches' scene from Macbeth was given with the following cast: "Macbeth," Dan O'Connell; "Hecate," Stephen Leach; "1st witch," Frank L. Unger; "2d witch," Frank Stone; 3d witch," Al Mayer.

The orchestra was led by that excellent musician, Mr. Joe Redding, and the solos were by Sam Mayer, Dr. Powers and Stephen Leach. The music was Sir Matthew Locke's, and the effect in the somber forest aisle, dimly lit up by colored torches, was indescribably weird and impressive, After the witches' scene the ceremony of the "Burial of Care" took place.

The procession formed at the amphitheater where the Jinks proper were held, under the direction of Andrew McFarland Davis, the Sire, and marched to a funeral pyre, where the huge coffin, supposed to contain the enemy, Care, and all its belongings, rested. Mr. Hugh Burke officiated as High Priest, and read the solemn ritual arranged for the occasion, the choir chanting the responses.

At the close of the obsequies a torch was applied to the pyre, which had been saturated with kerosene, and in a moment the flames surrounded the coffin. It was filled with fireworks, which shot about in all directions, and literally burned holes in the surrounding gloom. A fire-balloon was then sent up, the car also loaded with fireworks, which, as the balloon ascended, plunged down through the darkness and lit up the foliage of the gigantic trees.

The balloon ascension was a triumph, for after discharging its cargo of pyrotechnics it came down within a few yards of the point of ascent. The Low Jinks conducted by the President of the club, was a most original conception, made up as the Dean of the Bohemian Club Faculty, and with the faculty conferred degrees on the deserving members. The Eighth Infantry Band, by the kindness of Captain Bailey, of Angel Island, accompanied the club, and on Sunday afternoon gave a sacred concert, as a corrective of the jubilant character of the amusements of the previous night.

The Wasp
August 22, 1885

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