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A Misplaced Love Letter

Who was it that put a love letter in the contribution basket at the last Mass at Old St. Mary’s on Easter Sunday? There are only one or two who know, and they won’t tell. Suffice it that ‘twas a very charming girl of striking brunette beauty, a belle of two seasons whose name is never missing from the “among those present” at the smartest affairs and one of the catches of the town. She was so absorbed in her devotions when the contribution basket was passed that instead of the envelope containing her Easter offering she dropped in a love letter. When the good priests of the Paulist church discovered the mistake they hastily returned the letter to its envelope without reading it of course. But enough had been scanned to make it certain that it was a love letter. There’s a romance here which will probably run its happy course in due time. The young lady can have her love letter by applying for it. But will she go after it?

Social Prattle
By Tantalus
Town Talk
April 20, 1912