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In Chinatown

The Chinese vote which is about six hundred strong will soon be swelled to very respectable proportions. The reason is that a great many Chinese women are going to vote. This may seem surprising to people who do not know the downtodate woman of San Francisco’s Chinatown, but to those who are acquainted with that interesting creature who shops in our most fashionable establishments, enjoys all our amusements and has learned to adapt occidental fashions to her oriental style of dress without spoiling its peculiar charm, it does not come as a shock or as a surprise to learn that Chinese women are going to vote. But the Chinese women are in a slightly different position from their white sisters. They are not anxious to vote. So at least I am told by a Chinese of intelligence and information. He says the Chinese women will vote because the men of their families want them to.

The Spectator
Town Talk The Pacific Weekly
April 13, 1912