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There was need for a temporary City Hall after the old City Hall was demolished. Although badly wrecked by the earthquake, portions of the old building, including the Hall of Records, were occupied by City Offices until 1909.

A temporary City Hall was built on Market Street and served until the new City Hall was opened in 1915. This temporary building later became the Hotel Whitcomb, and is now the Ramada Hotel. It was badly damaged during the 1989 earthquake, but was repaired.

Municipal City Hall, San Francisco -- Wright, Rushforth & Cahill, Architects

A Seven Story City Hall for San Francisco

The accompanying illustration shows the Market street front of the structure which is to be erected by Mr. James Otis, trustee, on the south side of Market street near Eighth, San Francisco, and which is to be used temporarily as a City Hall. It is to be of reinforced concrete with a frontage on Market street of 200 feet, depth 165 feet, and height above the sidewalk of 102 feet. It will contain seven stories and basement, and will cost approximately $600,000.

The building is so planned that it may eventually be used as a first-class hotel, but for the present the interior arrangements have been specially designed for the accomodation of various City departments which are to occupy the building when completed.

On the ground floor will be housed the County Clerk, Tax Collector and Assessor. The second floor will contain offices of the Board of Supervisors, Fire Commissioners and Board of Education. The third floor will provide for official offices of the Mayor and his Secretary; the Civil Service Commission, Sheriff and Grand Jury. On the fourth floor are placed the Justice Courts, City Attorney and Law Library, and the fifth floor will be devoted entirely to the Superior Courts, Judges Chambers, etc. The sixth floor will be given over to the Board of Public Works and the Board of Health and the entire seventh floor will be occupied by the Bureaus of Architecture and Engineering.

The building will be provided with four rapid running elevators, vacuum cleaning plant, messenger and fire alarm service, heating plant, etc.

The main rear light courts are 24 feet, 6 inches wide and entirely open on the south side, thus affording exceptional advantages in the important matters of direct sunshine and light.

To the rear of the main building will be placed the Central Emergency hospital on one side and the stables and garage on the other. The intervening space, about 10,000 square feet, between the three buildings, will be parked and laid out with shrubbery, flower beds, etc.

The architects are Messrs. Wright, Rushforth & Cahill of San Francisco.

The Architect and Engineer
January 1911
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