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Arts and Entertainment

Ambrose Bierce
Lotta Crabtree
George Horatio Derby
Isadora Duncan
Isadora Duncan — Dancer to Appear Here
Isadora Duncan's Prosperity
Floyd Farr — Chief NBC—KPO Announcer,
Edna Fischer — San Francisco’s “First Lady of Radio”
Thomas C. Fleming — Sun-Reporter Editor
Joaquin Garay
Arnold Genthe
Alfred Hertz — Symphony Conductor
Art Hickman — St. Francis Hotel Band Leader
William Gordon Huff and his Treasure Island Sculptures
Richard Jose — Countertenor and Recording Pioneer
Dorothea Lange
Jack London
Jack London — When London Lost
Jack London's Diamonds
Adah Isaacs Menken
Peter Mintun
Turk Murphy
Eadweard Muybridge
Korla Pandit
Charles Pierce
Sally Rand — Fan Dancer
Walt Roesner
Wally Rose
Rudy Seiger — Fairmont Hotel Orchestra Leader
Luisa Tetrazzini
Danielle Steel Traina
Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
Dancin’ with Anson Weeks

Oscar Wilde Visits San Francisco – 1882
Meredith Willson

Business and Civic

Colonel A. Andrews
H. H. Bancroft & Co.
Lincoln Beachey — Aviator
Charles E. Bolton — alias “Black Bart”
Edward Bosqui Passes
H. W. Bradley — Obituary

Tribute to Herb Caen
William Henry Chickering — War Correspondent
George Joseph Cuneo
Charles deYoung — Murder Victorious
William G. Fargo
Andrew Smith Hallidie — Cable Car Inventor
Lillie Hitchcock Coit
Jacob Leese
William A. Leidesdorff
Frederick Marriott
Henry Meiggs of Meiggs’ Wharf
Jessica Mitford
Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico
Fremont Older
Mary Ellen “Mammy” Pleasant
William C. Ralston
Tom Sawyer
Max Schmidt of Schmidt Lithography Co.
Leland Stanford
Alfred Sutro
John A. Sutter
General John A. Sutter - Death
Filibustering with William Walker
Edward Zelinsky - Memorial Services


Harry Bridges
Henry George
Joseph P. Mazzola


Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt
Brig. Gen. Frederick Funston
Rear-Admiral Bowman McCalla
Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz
Gen. William T. Sherman
Gen. Mariano G. Vallejo


Sen. David C. Broderick
George Christopher
Police Chief Patrick Crowley
Dr. Washington Dodge

Mayor Cornelius Kingsland Garrison
Mayor John White Geary
Henry George
Harvey Milk and the Castro District
George Moscone
James Duval Phelan
James Rolph
James Rolph, Jr.
Abe Ruef - America’s Most Erudite City Boss
Eugene E. Schmitz
Eugene E. Schmitz — Schmitz Does a "Come-Back"
John Shelley
Fire Chief Engineer Dennis T. Sullivan
Adolph Sutro


Joseph Sadoc Alemany - First Archbishop of San Francisco
Reverend Peter Cassey
Father Junipero Serra


Joe Di Maggio
First Woman Sporting Writer
Francis "Lefty" O'Doul

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