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The West has challenged always. The pathfinder met one challenge, the pioneer another, the railroad-builder another. Today the might challenge is San Francisco Bay is being matched by two mightier bridges.

The photograph on the cover shows the Marin Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge as it appeared in January, 1934. (We suggest you save this pictorial record of early progress).

That Associated Industrial Lubricants are doing their part in this achievement is important. That FLYING A Gasoline powers and Cycol Motor Oils protect the engines of construction is important, too. But more important is the fact that on the wider front of every day competition, Associated has met the challenge and won.

The exacting tests of the laboratory and the less spectacular close-to-home comparisons of “cost records” clearly demonstrate the quality of Cycol and Avon lubricants—highest in efficiency, lowest in service cost.

Here are some of the leaders: Cycol Coach and Tractor oil — Cycol E.P. Lead Lubricant — Cycol Red Engine Oil — Cycol Turbine Oil — Cycol Compressor and Diesel Engine Oils — Avon West Steam Cylinder D.


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