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Row of damaged houses along South Van Ness Ave., between 17th and 18th streets.

Eyewitnesses to the Earthquake and Fire

Letter to Reed and Barton, by E. H. Adams
“Mr. Bacigalupi’s Own Story,” by Peter Bacigalupi
“Memories of the Earthquake,” by DeWitt C. Baldwin
Dr. George Blumer’s Eyewitness Story
“Comprehending the Calamity,” by Emma M. Burke
Donaldina Cameron’s Account of the Flight from Chinatown
“Caruso on the Earthquake,” by Enrico Caruso
Thomas Chase’s Eyewitness Account at the Ferry Building
Eyewitness Account of Frederick H. Collins
“April 18, 1906” by John J. Conlon
Opening an Emergency Hospital, by Dr. Charles V. Cross
“As I Remember It,” by Arnold Genthe

“Navy Firefighting Operations,” by Lt. Frederick Freeman
“How the Army Worked to Save San Francisco,” by General Frederick Funston
Saving the U.S. Mint, by Joe Hammill
“One Boy’s Experience,” by Lloyd Head
“Observations of the San Francisco Earthquake,” by Joseph H. Harper
“Wreck of the City’s Buildings Awful,” by Fred J. Hewitt
“The Great Disaster,” by Charles Kendrick
Fight to Save the United States Mint, by Superintendent Frank A. Leach
“Memories of the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire....” by Howard Livingston
“Story of an Eyewitness,” by Jack London
“Thousands Flee From Blazing City,” by Bailey Millard
“A Fire So Richly Fed,” by Joaquin Miller
“A Father’s Story of the Earthquake... ,” by Bishop William Ford Nichols
“It Seems Like Only Yesterday,” by Carl Nolte
“Pass Bearer Through Lines,” by Victor Elmo Perry
“Alameda Building Trade Relief Work” by F. H. Pratt
“Picture of the Great Catastrophe,” by Rose M. Quinn
“The Fall of San Francisco,” by Charles B. Sedgwick
“Wisdom of the Dogs,” by Ernest S. Simpson
“Heroic San Francisco,” by Louise Herrick Wall

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